Summer Spotlight - Informatica

This week we are talking with Will and Patrick about their experiences so far at Informatica.

Informatica is a world leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management. Informatica develops various products related in Big Data, Cloud Services, and all things Data (Integration, Quality, Security, and Management). Its products are used by all of the Fortune 10 companies and 85 of the Fortune 100.


William: My name is William Shiao and I am a computer science major about to start my third year this fall. My interests within computer science are in machine learning, algorithms, security and web development. I am interning as a Software Engineering Intern on the Secure@Source team, whose product helps companies find and secure their sensitive data.

Patrick: Hi! My name is Patrick Le and I am an incoming senior majoring in Computer Science. My interest lies in full stack web development and product management. At Informatica, I am a Software Engineer for their Cloud Services division.

Interview Process

William: I applied for the position through LinkedIn at the end of November and received a HackerRank test. I then did a technical phone interview with a software engineer on the team followed by a behavioral interview with the team’s manager. I received the offer in February.

Patrick: I applied for the Software Engineer Intern position in early January. Here is the timeline…

Mid January

Received a Coding Test

Early February

  • Recruiter reached out to me for my availability. You interviewing per a team’s request. In my case, Cloud Services interviewed me.
  • 1st Interview - Technical
    • Interviewed by a Senior Dev from Cloud Services
    • CS14 questions in regards to data structures and algorithms
    • Questions about my front end experiences *2nd Interview - Behavioral
    • Interviewed by Senior Software Manager
    • What is your experiences in Full Stack Development?
    • Experiences in React.JS
    • Do you enjoy UI engineering?
    • What do you expect to gain from this internship?

Late February

  • Offer was extended.

Culture & Work Life William: I like the culture at Informatica—the people are very helpful and friendly. The atmosphere is also fairly relaxed and the hours are flexible, with many employees working from home on Fridays.

The company’s values are DATA, which stands for “Do Good, Act as One Team, Think Customer-First, and Aspire For The Future”. The values are repeated often and provides a good idea of what the company is about.

There are also several events for the interns, like going to a Giants game and volunteering at Habitat For Humanity. The company also has some cool events, like an annual trip to Lake Tahoe in early September.

Imgur Will's Desk at Informatica

Patrick: There is always something to do at Informatica. The company sponsors several outing events such as intercompany sporting competitions, volunteering events, and team-based socials. We have team meetings and one-on-ones with our manager once every week. Everyone is really smart and will provide you with a lot of feedback/advice.

The company as a whole cares deeply about their employees. Informatica is a privately traded company, but the leadership is very transparent about our quarterly earnings and product roadmap. There are two exits for Informatica. Either get acquired or go public.

In terms of amenities, all employees receives free gym passes at Pacific Shores and reimbursed work travel (limited to public transit). We also have free drinks (soda, sparkling water, etc) and snacks (beef jerky, chips, etc). Fun fact, I have drank 157 Diet Cokes, 26 Dr. Peppers and 13 Brisk since the start of my internship to this spotlight.

Overall, I am enjoying my time at Informatica and making the most out of it!

Btw, we all get an adjustable standing desk :)

Imgur Patrick's Desk at Informatica


William: During the first week, my team was busy with internal planning meetings so I was given a task to improve the performance of a specific feature.

Then, I was assigned my first project, which was creating a plan and proof-of-concept for a microservice deployment of part of my team’s product—first on AWS, and then on our internal platform, IICS (Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services). I learned a lot about the various offerings of AWS, as well as how to architect and deploy a microservice-based application.

After that, I was given a project to create an internal application for my team. I got to learn a lot about the field of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and apply many of the the techniques I learned from CS 235 (Data Mining) on a real project. I also got the chance to use my technologies of choice, like Node.js and Python.

I plan to finish that project soon and will be able to start a third project, which is still to be decided.

Patrick: Unfortunately, my project is confidential, but the project will soon be in production.


William: We are interning at Informatica’s Redwood City location, which is in the Pacific Shores Center. It has a great view of the bay, as well as a softball field, beach volleyball court, basketball court, and gym. The office itself is also very nice, with plenty of free drinks and snacks.

Informatica provided housing, so Patrick and I are staying near downtown Redwood city. The weather is awesome and there is plenty to do at night with a lot of restaurants and a movie theater within a ten minute walk. We are also staying within walking distance of a Caltrain station, which allows us to conveniently travel around the Bay Area

Patrick: I work at Informatica’s headquarters in Redwood City. Pacific Shores is a community of companies on the outskirts of Redwood City. We own two large buildings at Pacific Shores. The community is very picturesque and peaceful. I often walk around the campus during my free time.

The buildings are amazing. There are Game/Lounge rooms, cafes, and LOTS of meeting rooms (with whiteboards).

Imgur A view of the Pacific Shores campus from the 3rd floor of Informatica

Imgur A picture of the main Informatica building

Imgur Some Informatica meeting rooms

Imgur Our apartment in Redwood City

Imgur A picture of the shoreline from Pacific Shores