Upcoming Events and Announcements (Fall 2016)

Socials, Workshops, and more!

Kyle Minshall

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    Recurring Events and Announcements

  • CS:GO will be starting Week 3! Each session will be covering introductory concepts related to programming such as which tools to use, how to use the commandline, an introduction to Linux, come common C++ pitfalls, and much much more!
  • Citrus Hack The Inland Empire’s Premier Hackathon! Head on over to Citrus Hack to apply to be on our waitlist before it is too late! Let your friends know so your entire team can come! Citrus Hack takes place October 21st to the 23rd.
  • Hack Nights! Wednesdays from 6-8 PM at the ACM Clubroom! Come work on your projects and assignments with other students!

Upcoming Events

  • Tabletop Game Night will be on Friday, November 4th in the evening!
  • LAN Party will be taking place Friday, November 21st in the evening!
  • Hike to the C with SWE will be taking place Saturday, November 12th!