Member of the Month - November 2017: Marvin Cao

Marvin has been a tremendous ACM mentor, read to learn more about him!

John Pham


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Member of the Month for November: Marvin Cao

Marvin Cao The Member of the Month for November goes to Marvin Cao! Marvin has been involved with ACM over the years and has taken a predominate role in ACM's Office Hours which provides peer-to-peer academic help for all students.

Who are you?

I am a junior Computer Science major at UCR. I am interested in artificial intelligence, graphics and parallel computing. I am a Vietnamese Eagle Scout. I like to spend my time either sleeping or watching random videos on the internet (a turtle eating a tomato). I love food in terms of cooking and eating.

What got you interested in computer science?

I got interested in computer science when I took a course in high school and it was one of the few classes where we made our own unique projects.

What made you want to be an ACM mentor?

I wanted to be an ACM mentor since I did not have one and I feel a mentor can be a good resource for their mentee.

What's the best advice you have received?

“You tend to be more productive when working with others.” because I don’t want to let others down, as opposed to personal work.

What's next?

Short term: I am looking for an internship for this upcoming summer. Long term: I am still unsure of what industry or jobs I want to pursue.