Check out what Gustavo Correa has been up to this summer at UCR's Aspin Lab

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Summer Member Spotlight 10

Our tenth Summer Member Spotlight highlights Gustavo Correa at UC Riverside's Aspen Lab.

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About Gustavo


What’s happening friends! My name is Gustavo Correa and I’m going into my third year at UCR for Computer Engineering. I got my internship with the help of a friend who is also working at the lab. He referred me to Professor Kassas who leads the lab, and after a couple meetings with the Professor and graduate students I landed the job!

What does Aspin Lab do?


ASPIN is short for the Autonomous Systems Perception, Intelligence, & Navigation Laboratory. The lab’s research that intrigues me the most would be the one answering this question: “What information is already available in the surrounding environment, and how can it be exploited for positioning, navigation, and timing?” The ASPIN lab is researching into using other signals of opportunity such as “audio (e.g., AM, FM), television (e.g., HDTV), cellular (e.g., CDMA, GSM, LTE), and satellite communication (e.g., Iridium)” for real time positioning and navigation. The research has lead to the development of MATRIX, which is a software defined radio designed to listen to the environment for these signals and process the signal to achieve a navigation solution.

About the Internship

Aspin 2

This internship is by far the best opportunity I’ve had since I started school here at UCR. The ASPIN lab has provided the perfect avenue to learn and apply what I’ve been wanting to learn in art and engineering. I’ve been able to learn a ton of skills in graphic design, general programing, app development, and website development since I started working here. On the larger scale I have learned so much about the graduate student’s work and its importance in the area of navigation. It’s a great opportunity to be part of the team researching the theory and developing the technology that will have a huge impact in the world.

The Importance of hackathons

The Team

What has prepared me the most for my success in this lab would be going to hackathons, hackathons, and more hackathons! It’s amazing to see how everything that I learned at each hackathon has been applicable in all the projects that I’m currently working on in the lab. I would definitely recommend hackathons to anyone anyday. You’ll never know when you’ll need those fast arduino prototyping, mobile app and web development skills. When the day comes that you do, you won’t regret those many 36 hour hackathons where you had at most 2 hours of sleep, only ate Subway, and drank energy drinks all day long.