Zach's been interning at one of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley. Check out what he's been up to this summer.

John Pham

Summer Member Spotlight 9

Our ninth Summer Member Spotlight highlights Zach Zimmerman at Google.

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About Zach

Zach with the O Hi everyone! I’m Zach and I’ll be serving as the graduate student advisor for ACM in 2017-2018. I am a computer science PhD student and am going into my third year of the program here under my advisors Dr. Brisk and Dr. Keogh. At UCR, my research focus is on high performance computing and how we can utilize different sources of acceleration (GPUs, FPGAs, TPUs, etc.) to accelerate data mining and machine learning tasks. In particular, I am interested in time series data; examples of this are EEG and seismology readings. If you have interest in any of these topics, want project ideas, or want some feedback on resumes feel free to send me an email and I’ll respond as I have time.

The Google Internship

Zach at Moffet Place This summer, I am working as an intern at Google. In particular, I work on Google Cloud in the tech infrastructure team. My project involves improving the way Google runs applications in the cloud; improving the performance and security of these systems. My project is interesting, but what is even more interesting are the people. Everyone here is really smart and you learn a ton just by being around them. Many I am truly impressed by Google, both in how the company is run and the amazing things that get built here. I had high expectations coming into my internship and Google exceeded them. I highly recommend you apply now if you are interested in an internship next Summer.

Interviewing with Google

The interview process for Google can be tough, I actually interviewed 3 times for an internship with them before I got the job. As a graduate student, even if you pass the technical interviews there is no guarantee that you will find a team to work with; that is what happened to me last year. However, with lots of practice and some core classes under your belt, you should have the skills you need to pass the interviews. From there it is just practice, there are tons of places you can practice interview questions, I recommend trying, which is what I used to practice. ACM also runs mock interviews, contact Henry Doan for details.

Word of Advice

Finally, one message I want to give the undergrads that are reading this is to really get involved in what you do, whether it be the your school or outside activities. Really take the time in your classes and projects to understand what you are doing, rather than rushing through it just to get it done, you’ll be surprised how things become extremely relevant at the strangest times. Just try to give an effort to everything you do and be persistent, opportunities will fall into your lap if you do. In the end, the most important thing is to enjoy what you do, it is the best way to stay motivated. Find that thing that makes you excited about tech and roll with it!