Summer Member Spotlight 4 Sponsored by .Tech Domains - Valerie Chiou at Moody's

Check out what Valerie Chiou has been up to at Moody's

John Pham

Summer Member Spotlight 4

Our fourth Summer Member Spotlight goes to Valerie Chiou who is spending her second summer as an intern at Moody's.

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Moody's interns

How did you get your internship?

I interned for Moody’s last year Summer in South San Francisco and was contacted by the recruiter to see if I was interested in interning again. I expressed interest in scripting and automation, and I was put in contact with the hiring manager for the devops internship. I interviewed with the hiring manager and was offered the position a week later!

What is your most memorable experience?

Moody’s hosts a Girl’s Who Code Summer immersion program at the San Francisco office. I remember hosting the ice cream social and talking to the girls afterwards with other interns, giving them general career advice and things I wish I knew while I studied computer science in college. They came up and thanked us at the end, and it made me really happy that I could help these girls find their reasons to pursue computer science. Moody's interns

Moody's impact and experience

I love how Moody’s is a global company that really emphasizes creating confidence. (They even have initiatives and “Create Confidence” nominations/awards for employees.) I’m surrounded by a huge diversity of people from all around the world. All of them are very intelligent, driven, and down-to-earth and make the office an enjoyable place to work. I have the opportunity to network, ask for career advice, and be mentored by them as well. I’m very fortunate to work with people who have become more than just coworkers now. They’re mentors and friends who help me learn, encourage me, and want to see me succeed.