Citrus Hack 2017

Citrus Hack is a 36-hour hackathon. A hackathon invites collegiate students to a location to collaborate and innovate. Throughout the 36 hours participants work in teams on a project, attend workshops to learn about new technologies, and network with industry partners.

Hour of Code

Hour of Code is a global movement to increase access to Computer Science education. Hour of Code at UCR is hosted by ACM@UCR to teach over 150 K–12 students how to program through workshops, tutorials, and 1-on-1s.

In our fourth General Meeting we will be going over skills and techniques to help you in both your behavioral and techical interviews. We will be doing whiteboarding examples in front of yall and walk you throughout the process. We will also demonstrate good and bad examples of how interviewees approach their given questions. At the end of the meeting we will bring up audience members to practice their whiteboarding skills!

Come out to our 3rd General Meeting Monday (Oct 30th) from 7-8PM. Esri will be visitng to discuss their internship and full time oppurtunities. Esri has a very close connection with UC Riverside so I encourage you all to come by and learn from them. They will be going over the type of projects and work that interns will do and hold an open Q&A at the end of the meeting!

Hope everyone enjoyed General Meeting 1! In our second General Meeting we will be hosting a panel of undergrads who will be talking about their internships during the summer! You will have a chance to ask them questions at at the end of the meeting!

Welcome back to the school year, hope you all are super excited!!!!! Aaaand if you're an incoming fresman get ready to have an AMAZING college expericence!! ACM is a great place to meet fellow engineers, immerse yourselves in the CS culture, and take advantage of all the amazing oppurtunites and activities we have for you!

At our first General meeting we will be going over all of the perks of being a member from access to our clubroom to our resume & techincal workshops to our very own incubator!!!! We will also be introducing our mentors for this year's Mentorship program! Lastly but not least we will be playing a game of trivia so don't miss out on your chance to win some free swag!!

We have so much in store for you this year, we hope to see everyone there! And as always there will be free food!

Patrick Le will be holding the second Machine Learning workshop of the two part series tomorrow from 3:00PM - 5:00PM in Winston Chung 127! He will be going over Neural Networks and asks that you have Anaconda and Tensorflow installed!

Computer Science faculty will be joining us for a feedback session. This is your change to voice your opinions for your curriculum. You can submit your questions here.

ACM will also be announcing the winners for the faculty recognition awards.
The categories are: Most Influential Professor, Most Influential Teaching Asssitant, and Best Research Lab.

Come out and join us for our first Machine Learning Workshop of the quarter on Wednesday May 24th, held by Patrick Le!

This will be a great starting point for anyone wanting to learn about machine learning and its applications!

We look forward to seeing you all there!!

Come out out to ACM's third general meeting!

We'll be having a guest presentation on Mob Programming by a UCR alum! You wont want to miss it!

There will be free pizza as always!

Second General Meeting

Come out to ACM's second general meeting! We will have a web pathway talk by Kyle Minshall.

There will be pizza as always!

LAN Party

Come out to the ACM clubroom and join us for fun and games.

There will be DOTA and League of Legends but feel free to bring board games and your laptops.

There will be food and drinks provided!

Come to ACM and GameSpawn's table top game night event to destress before finals week!

There will be games to play but please feel free to bring any games.

There will also be food being provided!

Come and join Google Engineers and Recruiters to learn about potential internships and new graduate opportunities.
This is an event for both undergraduate and graduate students so bring your resumes! Food will be provided.

Come join Facebook and learn how to improve your coding skills and technical interviewing skills!
Be sure to check out the link and bring your laptops!

Come and join Facebook Engineers and Recruiters to learn about potential internship and new grad opportunities.
There will be tons of swag, and food.
Bring your Resume!