Cutie Hack

Cutie Hack is an annual 12-hour hackathon ACM hosts with IEEE in the Fall since 2015. We are growing the event every year starting out with only 100 participants to now over 250. The goal for Cutie Hack is to introduce beginners to the hackathon scene.

The date for Cutie Hack fall 2018 hasn't been decided yet!

Citrus Hack

Citrus Hack is an annual 36-hour hackathon ACM hosts with IEEE in the Spring since 2015. Citrus Hack is our competitive hackathon where we invite students from all over the US to come participate. We started off hosting 200 participants and are now hosting over 600.


Mentorship Program

For those whose first year it is at UCR either as first year students or as transfer students we can pair you up with experienced ACM members so they can guide you as you explore our university. Help with classes, projects, and career pathways are all available with your individual mentor!

Want a mentor?
Want to be a mentor?

Office Hours

Need help in your courses? Project? Career? Office hours are a designated time to work hosted by ACM officers and other experienced members. Come in and get help with any lower division class and the hosts will share other skills they know!

Time and Location: Check out our schedule here, always in the ACM Clubroom!


ACM hosts a year-long incubator with Gamespawn. The goal of the incubator is to foster student projects. The incubator has 2 tracts: innovator and casual. The innovator track focuses on projects that have potential to go to market. These projects are given a bi-weekly stipend. The casual tract is open to all projects.

Interested? Information is here!
Time and Location: Every Wednesday from 4-8pm in the Create'R lab (Orbach Science Library)


ACM hosts workshops from professional to technical development. We have held workshops on creating a LinkedIn profile, machine learning workshops, programming language workshops, and web development works.

Want to request a workshop? Contact us!

Tours and Tech Talks

We have hosted tours and tech talks to many tech companies. We've had startups give tech talks, tours to Google, and are actively planning for more every quarter.

Want to request a tour or tech talk? Contact us!


Throughout the year we host socials to destress from the everyday struggles. We've hosted LAN parties, Super Smash Bros. tournaments, and board game nights.