About Us

Join one of the largest technical student communities in Southern California

Citrus Hack opening ceremony

Our Vision

Our Vision is simple: We want to improve our members professionally, technically, and personally. We want to help our members grow throughout their college career, whether they enter as a first-year university student or as a transfer student.

What We Do

Every quarter, we focus on improving specific aspects of our members.

In the Fall, we develop professional resumes, build all-star LinkedIns, and offer workshops on Applying Effectively at companies from the Big 4 to startups.

In the Winter, we introduce technical pathways ranging from web/app development to security to cloud computing.

In the Spring, we focus on all the small engineering cruft that is expected knowledge for CS students that classes don't cover: Offline Editing, Source Control, Using APIs, and more.

Why We Do It

We want UCR to become a premier institution for Computer Science and Engineering. University courses provide a good foundation, but we strive to build upon that. So we supplement the curriculum with workshops tailored to our members and their goals. We do this through an amazing 1:1 Mentor program, and constant feedback from our members.

But more importantly, we want our members to make a positive difference in the world through software. The success of ACM at UCR can only be measured by the success of our members.

Our Members

Our members are some of the most active computer science students on campus. They organize major school events, lead our student organizations, and are a shining example in classes. Outside of school, they work on personal projects, attend hackathons and conferences, and help their fellow classmates.

But they didn't all start out like this, we'd like to think we helped them get on that path!